Responsible Gambling

As much as we and pretty much everyone in the world love gambling, there is an inevitable and sometimes overwhelming fact: Like most regulated behaviors, it’s dangerous. Gambling is addictive and harmful to life, well-being, and mental health when it occurs. For this reason, they emphasize Unlicensed Online Casinos and the authorities responsible for issuing permits place great emphasis on responsible gaming in their licensing conditions.

What is responsible gambling?

Responsible gaming means being aware of the dangers of gambling and taking steps to prevent and monitor your gaming behavior to ensure it does not become an addictive or harmful practice.

What is problematic gambling?

“Problematic gambling is defined as behavior related to gambling that causes harm to the gambler and their surroundings.” This can include family, friends, and other people they know or who care for them.

This is a very broadly defined quote. The damage can be of any kind: physical, mental, or financial. It is also recognized that both the behaviors associated with problematic gambling and the harmful consequences can often be complex and complicated in many cases. They are not limited to the player alone.

You should always be able to maintain control over your gambling and only ever bet as much as you can afford, without chasing losses or playing in emotional situations.

How to Diagnose Problematic Gambling: Conduct a Self-Check-up

With all the attention, research, and funding for gambling support services, there is an abundance of self-tests and questionnaires that you can complete for free to check your gambling behavior and find out how high your risk is for problematic gambling. You should regularly conduct a self-assessment for responsible gaming to check your playing habits. Check your status and take the test now!

Learn about responsible gambling.

One of the biggest problems in dealing with problematic gambling is awareness. The good news is that you’re reading this and are therefore aware that problematic gambling exists. However, the promotion of tools for responsible gambling is far from complete, and there’s still a large number of players who are either unaware of or do not use the measures for responsible gambling offered by casinos.

What casino tools can I use to combat problem gambling and promote responsible gambling?

All German casino accounts are geared towards responsible gaming, and a range of tools are available to you, as well as a support team trained in dealing with problem gambling. While some tools can be activated online, for others you must directly contact your casino to use them effectively. Casino tools include:

Time Limits: With these tools, you can set time limits for your casino sessions and monitor how much time you spend playing or Unlicensed sports betting spent on a specific game.

  • Deposit limits and account trackers: Before you start online betting, it’s always a good idea to set a budget for yourself. Remember that you should only gamble with money you can afford to lose. Stick to your budget no matter what happens while playing, and track your deposits in your casino account over an extended period. This will help you recognize changes in your behavior and stick to your financial goals. You can also via Casinos without Account read.
  • Time-Out and Self-Exclusion: If you need a break from your casino, you can temporarily or permanently freeze your account with a self-exclusion or a short-term time-out. In most online casinos, you need to contact them directly to set up a self-exclusion. This measure can be reversed, and you have control over the duration of the exclusion.
  • Permanent Account Closure: If you need to permanently close your casino account, thereby enacting a ban for yourself on your current site and on all connected/networked sites/sister sites that operate it, you must contact your casino to arrange the closure of your account. You can request that the casino ceases all contact with you, so that you do not receive any tempting marketing materials or general communication. This action is final and cannot be undone.

Who else can help? External Help for Problematic Gambling

Germany is committed to combating all forms of problematic gambling and offers financial support to non-governmental organizations that provide these services. Seeking help and support outside of the casino is crucial for problematic gambling and an important step in regaining control over your gambling behavior.

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