Unlicensed Sports Betting in Germany 2024

In recent years, the demand for unlicensed sports betting has surged significantly. Reason for this: Since July 2021, the new State Treaty on Gambling (GlüStV) has been in effect in German casinos and betting shops. This contract not only entails stricter monitoring and regulation of the German gambling industry but also imposes significant restrictions on sports betting.

Due to these restrictions, many players are increasingly turning to sports betting without a German license. Because betting providers without a German license are not affected by the restrictive regulations of the GlüStV, they therefore offer an attractive alternative.

We’ve selected the best betting providers without a German license for 2024 for you and compiled all the information about sports betting without a license. Find your perfect betting provider now and start off successfully.

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Last Updated: Jun, 05 2024

The Best Betting Providers Without a German License 2024

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    How does the State Treaty on Gambling affect German casinos and betting providers?

    Since the State Treaty on Gambling came into effect on January 1st. As of July 2021, casinos and sports betting providers must adhere to specific requirements in order to obtain a German license. The argument is made on the basis of player protection. The legislator says that customers should be protected as well as possible. However, many players see it differently and describe the restrictions of the State Treaty on Gambling as impractical.

    The Most Important Restrictions Imposed by the 2021 Interstate Treaty on Gambling

    Anyone wishing to place bets in a casino with a German license is subject to strict requirements. For live betting, a monthly deposit limit of €1,000 is planned. Anyone who reaches this amount must wait until the next month to top up their account again. In exceptional cases, this amount can be increased to €10,000 at the betting provider.

    To do this, proof of salary and assets must be presented, which probably means that only a few will be able to take advantage of the increase in the deposit limit.

    Additionally, live sports betting is completely prohibited according to the State Treaty on Gambling. A minimum time is also set between each placed sports bet before the next tip can be submitted. As a result, one of the most exciting betting options is eliminated for many players.

    For greater clarity, we have compiled the regulations of the State Treaty on Gambling in the following table for you in a concise manner:

    💶 A mandatory deposit limit of €1,000 must be implemented by German-licensed providers. No deposit can be made beyond this amount. Only under strict conditions and with proof of assets can this limit be increased.
    ⚠️ Live betting is completely prohibited in Germany. Therefore, no more bets can be placed on games that are already in progress.
    ‼️ Players are required to set a loss limit. Beyond this limit, no more money can be placed. Loss limits that are adjusted downwards take effect immediately. An increase in the limit takes 7 days to become active.
    🕦 Advertising will be restricted. Any advertising related to gambling may now only be broadcast during nighttime hours. Both online and otherwise. This is intended to prevent young people from coming into contact with gambling.
    💰 The State Treaty on Gambling calls for stricter control of gaming processes and players. Player data, stakes, and deposits must be reported to local regulatory authorities. Constitutional lawyers see this as a massive intrusion into personal rights, and it is contentious whether this point would hold up in court.

    To circumvent these regulations, many players turn to casinos and betting providers without a German license. Yet that comes with its pros and cons.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Unlicensed Sports Betting

    Advantages of a Betting Provider Without a License
    • Higher deposit limits:
      Betting providers without a German license allow betting on sports without being limited by strict deposit limits. This can be particularly attractive for players who want to place larger sports bets.
    • Continuous play:
      By offering more generous deposit limits, bookmakers can ensure uninterrupted play without disrupting the experience with constant limit adjustments.
    • Real-time Betting:
      Betting on sports events in real-time gives players more freedom of choice during the game and increases the excitement.
    • Increased privacy:
      The ability to protect personal data during registration and while placing sports bets is important for many players. Sports betting providers without a German license are not obligated to share personal data with local regulatory authorities.
    • Fast withdrawals:
      Prompt payouts without excessive verification processes increase the fun factor.
    • Diverse additional offerings:
      Additional offerings such as jackpot slots, live casino, poker tournaments, and lotteries provide players with variety and a broader spectrum of entertainment.
    Disadvantages of an Unlicensed Betting Provider
    • High risk of fraud:
      There is an increased risk of encountering fraudulent sites when opting for unlicensed betting providers. These might potentially provide false information or not pay out profits properly.
    • Restricted access to payment services:
      It is possible that betting providers without a license may not cooperate with common payment services, which can lead to restrictions on deposits and withdrawals. Players might have difficulties using the desired payment methods.
    • Missing play limit:
      The absence of a play limit poses the risk that players become more susceptible to problematic gaming behavior. Without a set limit, there’s a risk that players will bet more money than they can financially afford and fall into gambling addiction.

    The appeal of betting providers without a German license lies primarily in the comprehensive freedom and flexibility they offer compared to regulated betting providers. Yet the question of whether sports betting without a German license is safe, legal, and profitable concerns many online casino players.

    Essentially, the rule is: Betting without a license is allowed within the EU. Because a betting provider without a license does not mean that the bookmaker has no authorization. The leading providers are properly registered in other states and are subject to strict controls and regulations.

    If you decide to go for sports betting without a German license, you should still follow general rules to avoid common mistakes and make the gameplay safer:

    Online Sportwetten ohne Lizenz
    • Check the provider’s credibility: Ensure that the betting provider without a German license has a good reputation and is trustworthy. Check reviews and experiences of other players.
    • Set limits for yourself: Define clear limits in advance for deposits, bets, and losses. This helps to keep the gaming behavior under control.
    • Understand the terms: Carefully read through the general terms and conditions of the betting provider to understand all the terms and restrictions.
    • Utilization of Bonuses: If available, make use of the provider’s bonuses and promotions. However, understand the conditions for using the bonus to avoid misunderstandings.
    • Responsible Gaming: Please adhere to the principles of responsible gaming. Only play with money that you can afford to lose.
    • Update your knowledge: Regularly inform yourself about changes in the regulations of the gambling market and adjust your gaming behavior accordingly.

    Does that sound like a lot of work? Don’t worry, our team has already done this work for you and scrutinized the top providers without a German license. Here you will find the best betting providers without a German license in 2024.

    🏆 Best Betting Provider N1 Bet
    🤑 Maximum Bonus 1500€ +
    License MGA, Curacao
    ♾️ Deposit Limits No
    🙅 Unlicensed Sports Betting Yes
    🤑 Sports Betting without OASIS Yes
    ✔️ Number of Sports Bets Without a License 5+
    🙅 Bets Without Limit Yes
    🇩🇪 Accepts German players Yes

    How does Our Team Check Betting Providers Without a German License?

    It’s important to find the right betting provider for yourself to be able to bet safely and without concerns. Our team of specialists has years of experience with online casinos, sports betting, and providers without a German license.

    Our review begins with a close look at the provider’s license and regulations. We ensure that the betting provider has a valid license from a reputable state. This way, we can ensure that the betting provider guarantees compliance with strict rules regarding player and youth protection, fair play, and responsible gaming.

    In the next step, our team analyzes the quality and fairness of the provider’s games. This includes a comprehensive assessment of the game mechanics, the random number generator, and the payouts. Possible technical issues such as game crashes or slow loading times are also checked to ensure a smooth gaming experience for players.

    Finally, we take a look at the provider’s track record and reputation. In this process, we analyze the history and check if there were any problems or complaints in the past.

    Through this thorough review process, we ensure that our players only have access to the best games from reputable and reliable betting providers without a German license.

    Why Do Many Top Betting Providers Prefer an EU License Over a German License?

    Many top betting providers consciously decide against a German license and instead operate with a valid EU license. This has various reasons. One of them is the considerable financial burden that comes with a German license. The costs are high, and many sports betting providers do not see an appropriate cost-benefit ratio in it. The additional expenses would have to be saved elsewhere, which usually falls on the players. This makes betting less attractive, and as a result, many players would consider alternative options.

    Furthermore, the German gambling license comes with a wide range of regulations. Their implementation requires significant additional effort from the casinos, tying up employee capacity and thus representing another cost factor. Additionally, sports betting providers are thoroughly reviewed and must regularly send data to regulatory authorities.

    In the area of bonus offers, sports betting without a German license is subject to fewer restrictions. While casinos with an EU license are free to decide which bonus offers they provide to their players, the German license stipulates stricter regulations in this regard. The offers are closely monitored and may only be made within a specific framework. This naturally has a negative impact on the number of players.

    Due to these and other restrictions, many sports betting providers offering bets without a license have decided not to apply for a German license. The requirements are too strict, the high taxes are barely manageable, and there is awareness of the skepticism among German players. To remain competitive, they continue to rely on a valid EU license.

    Bonuses for Online Betting without a German License

    Betting is one of the most popular leisure activities, and not just among men. Many women are also attracted to the increasingly wide range of exciting bonuses and coupon programs. The best betting providers without a German license are constantly developing new concepts to ensure that players in top German casinos not only experience a real adventure but also spend less on entertainment. Here are some of the most popular types of bonuses:

    💸 BonusWhat Does the Bonus Mean ⁉️
    💰 Welcome bonusesThese bonuses are typically offered to players by casinos and betting providers when they open a new account and make their first deposit. Welcome bonuses can come in various forms, including deposit bonuses. Free spins, free bets and cashback offers. They allow players to explore a new platform and get to know games without risking their own money.
    💰 Cashback BonusesCashback bonuses are promotions offered by online casinos, sports betting providers, and other gambling platforms that give players a portion of their losses back as compensation. This can either be done as a percentage of the net losses over a certain period or as a fixed amount. These bonuses are often credited automatically and can be used to participate in more games or to withdraw real money.
    💰 Deposit BonusFinancial institutions such as banks and brokers offer deposit bonuses to encourage customers to deposit money into their accounts. The bonus is usually a percentage of the deposit amount and can come in the form of cash, additional interest, or other incentives.
    💰 No Deposit BonusA no-deposit bonus is usually offered by online casinos and gambling sites, where the player does not have to make a deposit to receive the bonus. Instead, simply registering an account is enough to receive the bonus in the form of free spins, cash, or other rewards. No deposit bonuses give players the chance to test out a new casino or game without risking their own money.
    💰 Special VIP ProgramsVIP programs (Very Important Person) are offered by various companies, including online casinos and gambling sites, to reward loyal and high-spending customers. These programs typically offer VIP players a range of benefits and perks.

    With the right bonuses and VIP programs, you can save a decent amount of money on sports betting without a German license.

    Limits on Online Betting

    Limits in sports betting play a crucial role in ensuring a responsible and sustainable gaming experience. Online bookmakers set various types of limits to protect players from excessive losses and to maintain the integrity of the betting market. Here are the key limits to be aware of:

    • Betting limit: A set amount that you can bet at most per wager. This prevents excessive losses in a short period of time.
    • Payout Limit: A limit on the maximum amount of winnings from a bet. When this limit is reached, you will not receive any further winnings from this bet.
    • Minimum Bet Limit: The minimum amount you must bet to benefit from certain offers or promotions (for example 5 Euro minimum deposit It seems like you’ve provided an incomplete text or a punctuation mark without any context. Could you please provide the full text you’d like translated from German into English?
    • Maximum Bet: The maximum number of bets you can place with a specific offer.
    • Profit limits: A cap on the profits you can make with a specific offer.
    • Individual Limits: Restrictions based on your betting history, account balance, or location to control your gambling behavior.
    • Anti-gambling addiction limits: Measures intended to prevent problematic gambling, such as. B. Time limits for gaming sessions.
    • Bonus-related Limits: Restrictions on receiving and using bonuses to prevent abuse.

    These limits provide a structured environment for safe and enjoyable betting. Make sure to understand the individual requirements of each bookmaker.

    Taxes for Betting Providers and Players

    In Germany, betting providers with a German license are subject to specific tax regulations, which can affect the odds of winning and the gaming experience. The German betting tax is 5% of the stake and is levied regardless of the outcome of the game. In most cases, the provider assumes this tax burden. The result: The payout ratios for the players decrease.

    Betting providers without a German license often benefit from an exemption from this betting tax. This results in potentially higher game winnings with a provider licensed by the EU, such as the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), the UK Gambling Commission, or the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority.

    However, the tax implications can vary from country to country, and players should therefore inform themselves about the respective laws in their country of residence. This way, you can ensure that they fulfill all tax obligations. Nevertheless, the fact remains that betting providers with EU licenses often present a more attractive option for players when it comes to the burden of betting tax.

    The choice between German licenses and EU licenses for betting providers is therefore not just a matter of tax aspects, but also of potential profits. Players should carefully consider their personal preferences, gaming habits, and the respective tax conditions to choose the most optimal option for themselves.

    The Risk of Online Sports Betting Without a German License

    The risk involved in participating in online sports betting with a bookmaker without a German license is fundamentally manageable, but still present. Particularly in the area of payments, potential problems could arise. German banks might have difficulties in forwarding or accepting payments originating from sports betting providers with an EU license.

    Additionally, the legal situation regarding betting providers without a license is still unclear. The German gambling law is currently under heavy criticism. A change and tightening of the law is very likely. Expert opinions suggest that at least some provisions of the German law could be revised, possibly due to inconsistencies with European law. It remains to be seen how the legal situation will evolve and what changes will come in the future for betting providers without a German license.

    Avoid Providers Without Any License

    Choosing a trustworthy betting provider is crucial to ensure a fair and secure gaming experience. Betting providers without any license should be avoided, as they lack regular supervision. Without regulation, the risk of fraud schemes is very high.

    To avoid potential risks, it is advisable to steer clear of bookmakers without a license. In this context, it is irrelevant whether it is a German license or a license from a recognized regulatory authority such as the Malta Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, or the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority. These licenses provide clear structures and security measures to protect the interests of players.

    A license provides clear guidelines and security measures to ensure a fair and transparent gaming experience. This not only protects one’s bets but also invests in a trustworthy betting experience.

    What are the Alternatives to the German License?

    In the world of online casinos and betting providers, besides the German license, quite a few other licenses are in the spotlight. Each license is issued by its own gambling authorities and comes with specific standards and regulations. Here, we take a look at the most popular licenses and their significance for betting providers:

    1. License from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA): The MGA license represents the highest standards in terms of fairness and security. Many prestigious betting providers without a German license rely on the regulation of the Malta Gaming Authority, which enables them to offer top-notch services.
    2. License from the Alderney Gambling Control Commission: The Alderney license is a sign of integrity and security. Gambling providers, with this license, are subject to strict regulations to ensure a trustworthy environment for players.
    3. Sports betting with Curacao license One of the most popular licenses among betting providers without a German license is the Curacao license. This is indeed widespread, but it requires careful examination. While the Curacao license is easier to obtain, the quality of bookmakers with this license varies significantly. Players should pay special attention here to only place bets on platforms with a reputable reputation.
    4. Isle of Man License: Although this license is not part of the EU, the Isle of Man license is known for its strength and credibility. The regulations for gambling on the Isle of Man set high standards to ensure a safe environment for players.

    It is crucial for safe online betting to know the license of a bookmaker. Only in this way can players make an informed decision. Every license has its own advantages, and players should only choose betting providers that best meet their expectations for security, fairness, and variety.

    Generally speaking, if a betting provider holds a license from the Malta Gaming Authority, the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, the Curacao license, or the Isle of Man, then the bookmakers are subject to relatively strict regulations. Providers with such licenses thus offer a solid level of security and fairness for their players and can be a good alternative to online betting providers with a German license.

    German License vs. MGA vs. Curacao

    To find a reputable betting provider with or without a German license, a brief research and good knowledge of the betting market are required. Our experts have conducted a comparison of the best casinos to save you time and effort.

    Especially if you’re playing in an online casino for the first time, we recommend, in addition to betting providers with a German license, bookmakers with licenses from Malta and Curaçao. These are awarded by reputable gambling authorities that carry out relatively strict regulations and controls. The licenses provide a reliable foundation for safe and fair play. Bookmakers holding these licenses must meet high standards regarding player and data protection. Malta (MGA) and Curaçao have established themselves as trustworthy licensors and are therefore an excellent choice, especially for a positive start in the world of online betting.

    German License:

    • Legal security:
      German licenses provide players with legal security, as they comply with German gambling regulations.
    • Local support:
      Players can rely on the German legal framework and local support.
    • Player Protection:
      German licenses place great emphasis on protecting players and preventing problematic gambling behavior.
    • Many restrictions:
      Strict regulations can lead to restrictions for players, such as… B. Deposit limits and advertising restrictions.
    • Limited game variety and selection of bonuses:
      Due to strict regulations, German licensed casinos might offer a limited variety of games and bonuses.

    MGA License:

    • EU Regulation:
      Malta is part of the EU, which means that the license complies with EU directives and is accepted throughout Europe.
    • Diversity of games:
      Casinos licensed in Malta often offer a wide range of games and bonuses.
    • Experienced regulatory authority:
      The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is an experienced regulatory authority that promotes player protection.
    • Reduced local support:
      Compared to German licenses, Malta may offer less local support for German players.
    • Not specifically German:
      The regulation does not meet the specific requirements of the German market.

    Curacao License:

    • Further flexibility:
      Curacao licenses often offer more flexibility in terms of game offerings and bonuses.
    • Globally accepted:
      Curacao licenses are globally recognized and allow operators access to an international pool of players.
    • Lower taxes:
      Curacao typically offers lower tax rates for casinos and bookmakers, which in turn means more favorable conditions for the player.
    • Less regulation:
      Compared to German and Maltese licenses, regulation in Curacao could be perceived as less strict.
    • Less local legal certainty:
      Players may have less local legal support compared to German licenses.

    Checklist for Betting Providers: Find Your Optimal Provider for Sports Betting Without a German License

    Searching for the ideal betting provider can be challenging, as every player has different priorities. While for one person, the service and user-friendliness are crucial, for another, the bonus offer plays a central role. To guide you, we have compiled some important points that you should consider when choosing your bookmaker without a German license:

    ✅ Betting OfferCheck if the betting provider without a German license also offers games from smaller leagues and has an extensive betting program. Beforehand, also inform yourself about special betting options and compare the betting portfolio of other bookmakers.
    ♻️ Betting License and SecuritySafety is crucial and is ensured by a strong license. Avoid providers without a valid license. Bookmakers with an EU license offer a reliable and secure option.
    🔝 Top RatingsOdds can vary greatly in sports betting. A seemingly small difference can already have significant impacts on accumulator bets. Regularly compare the odds of various providers without a German license.
    ✔️ Live Sports Betting and StreamingNot all betting providers without an EU license offer live betting and streaming. Check which games you can bet on live and which individual game elements are available for placing bets.
    ⛔️ LimitationsBeforehand, clarify whether there are limits and quota restrictions for betting without a German license to avoid unpleasant surprises.
    💰 Bonus OffersWell-thought-out bonus offers can enhance the gaming experience. Top betting providers always offer a wide selection here. However, pay attention not only to the frequency but also to the quality of the bonuses. High turnover requirements can reduce attractiveness.
    ‼️ Operation and DesignA clear, easy-to-navigate page and an appealing design are especially important for sports betting without a license. The user interface should make placing bets simple and efficient.
    💳 Payment MethodsMake sure that the betting provider without a license supports a wide range of payment methods, especially the most common ones. This ensures a smooth deposit and withdrawal process.
    🙋🏼‍♂️ Customer ServiceHow quickly and competently can the customer service of the unlicensed betting provider be reached? A 24/7 customer support offering personalized responses to inquiries is a crucial feature of good customer service and reputable bookmakers.

    Conclusion: Sports Betting 2024 – Choosing Between a German License and an EU License

    The German Interstate Treaty on Gambling 2021 has significantly influenced the sports betting landscape in Germany. The German gambling license is criticized by many players and bookmakers. Focused on strong player protection, aimed at minimizing the risk of gambling addiction, the German license comes with many restrictions. The monthly deposit limit and the ban on live sports betting make betting unattractive.

    For this reason, many players opt for sports betting without a German license. Providers with EU licenses from Malta or Curacao are particularly popular. These providers without a German license offer more flexibility in terms of deposit limits, betting options, and advertising, making them more attractive to many players.

    The choice between a German license and an EU license should therefore be carefully considered. While the German license stands for strong player protection, EU licenses offer a wider range of options. Players should keep their priorities in mind and choose providers with transparent business practices and strong regulations.

    Despite the advantages of EU licenses, it’s important to emphasize that the security of these licenses is not automatically guaranteed. A good reputation, transparent business practices, and high quality in player support are crucial. Our experts have the besten Wettanbieter ohne deutsche Lizenz 2024 carefully selected and analyzed to save you valuable time. Choose the provider that suits you and start gaming right away!

    FAQ About Sports Betting Without a License


    Unlicensed sports betting refers to betting providers that do not have official permission from state or national regulatory authorities to offer gambling activities. These bookmakers often operate online and can offer their service internationally without having to adhere to specific local regulations.

    Important: Unlicensed providers are usually not a good choice because they lack clear safety standards. Our experts highly recommend examination by reputable licensors. In this case, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a German license or an EU license from Malta or Curacao.


    Bookmakers who are not affiliated with OASIS can enjoy a good reputation, provided they offer transparent business practices and a high level of customer care. OASIS is a database used in Germany to manage information related to gambling. Some reputable bookmakers may consciously choose not to integrate with OASIS, yet still maintain high standards.


    The security of foreign licenses varies depending on the country and the respective regulatory standards. Some foreign licenses come from recognized and strict regulatory environments, while others may have less stringent requirements. It’s important to check the reliability of foreign licensors before trusting a betting platform or a provider without a German license.


    Licenses from reputable regulatory authorities such as the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), the UK Gambling Commission, or the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority are considered prestigious. These authorities have strict standards and ensure fair gameplay and the protection of players.


    Unlicensed bookmakers tend to offer more generous bonuses and promotions to attract players. However, this does not necessarily mean that the offers are fair or advantageous. Players should thoroughly review the terms and conditions to ensure they are getting real added value.

    What should you look out for if you want to play with an unlicensed bookmaker?

    Before playing with an unlicensed bookmaker, it’s important to pay attention to several factors. This includes the bookmaker’s reputation, the bonuses and promotions offered, the payment methods available, customer service, the security of the platform, and the terms and conditions. A thorough research and review of these aspects is crucial to ensure a pleasant and safe gaming experience.

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