Everything About Casino Loyalty Programs

Everything About Casino Loyalty Programs
Published: Apr, 17 2024
3 mins read
Everything About Casino Loyalty Programs

Basic Principles of Player Retention in Online Casinos

There are several mechanisms for online Casino without a German license to attract players and, of course, to be able to keep them as customers. The most frequently used means or incentive is the bonus. Another method is to offer huge prices and prizes at promotional events, also known as promotions. However, there is a method in which players benefit the most – they are rewarded for their loyalty to the online casino. These are transparent mechanisms and, above all, offer the advantage that these loyalty programs are automatically and continuously offered to the registered player. Players are advised to choose an online casino with a good loyalty program.

The Loyalty Program: Rewards for Loyal Players

In its simplest form, a loyalty program can be described as such when players receive a “comp” point, or competition point, for every X amount they have wagered, and can then exchange these accumulated points for a certain Y amount of cash or casino credits later on. Different online casinos have different values for X and Y. Also, the different online Casinos without limit a different term for “Comp” points. Ultimately, however, what matters is how much credit the player gets back for a certain amount they have staked. These credits can be used for playing slots or for bets on card or table games. Online casinos naturally try to link certain conditions with the bonuses. Since the online casino software logs the bets of each player, the software could be programmed in such a way that the accumulation and payout of “Comp” points, and thus the transactions, can be carried out automatically and without manual intervention. The more players wager in the online casino, the more credits they automatically receive as a refund.

VIP Levels and Their Benefits in Online Casinos

Many online casinos have evolved based on this simple loyalty program. Some allow for a faster accumulation of “Comp” points in games such as slots compared to games like Blackjack. This is because slots have a higher house edge, and online casinos naturally try to neutralize this disadvantage by allowing a faster accumulation of “comp” points on slots. Many online casinos offer additional benefits for players who consistently make high stakes or generally place their bets more frequently. Some online casinos offer more credits for collected “Comp” points from games. Especially players who meet or even exceed the prescribed limits for wagering requirements are well rewarded. Therefore, the services provided will be multiplied accordingly. Many online casinos link their bonus structure to the number of collected “Comp” points. So-called “Reload” bonuses are offered as a certain percentage of the deposit, up to a maximum amount. For those who have bet more and accumulated more points, the casino either increases the percentage of the reward or its maximum limit. In any case, the player has qualified for the increased premium.

To ensure that the enhanced services are offered in a transparent manner, online casinos have various VIP levels. You determine the amount of required investment to reach the various VIP levels, as well as the associated benefits of the different VIP levels. The software is programmed to determine a player’s VIP level and equip them with the aforementioned benefits. Players can therefore be sure that they get what they are entitled to.

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