Simple Odds Roulette Strategy

Simple Odds Roulette Strategy
Published: Apr, 17 2024
6 mins read
Simple Odds Roulette Strategy


Martingales refer to a strategy that was already in use in the 18th century. gained a foothold in gambling in the century. The strategy is very simple and quick to apply.

During our casino testing phase, we decided to try out this roulette strategy in one of the many online casinos. Our choice fell on an average casino without a German license The casino welcome bonus and our curiosity were simply too tempting, so we couldn’t say no.

On to happiness

As already mentioned, the Martingale Roulette strategy is very quick and easy to apply. We found ourselves a nice roulette multiplayer table and were able to dive right into the action immediately. But how does the Martingale Roulette Strategy work? We had a starting capital of 250€ (deposit and additional casino bonus) in our user account at casino without limit.

We initially set the stakes at 1 euro. For the Martingale System, only numbers or… Colors in question, where the payout ratio stands at 50 to 50. As an example, the colors red/black or the numbers odd/even could be mentioned. At the beginning, our choice fell on the colors. Additionally, we have decided to play European Roulette / French Roulette, as it is well known that there is only one 0 present. In American roulette, the odds of winning decrease because the presence of both 0 and 00 provides an additional advantage to the house.

Now all the preparations had been made – The choice of table and the selection of the roulette were determined, and we placed our first bet (“€1 on red”). After the spin, the result was “Red” and we were able to rejoice over our first, albeit small, win. In the next spin, we’ll then place “1€ on black,” since the color “red” won previously. In the Martingale strategy, it is common to change the color after achieving a win with it. The wheel was spun again, and as a result, we got the color “Red” again. This resulted in a loss of 1€, as we had bet on “black”. In our next bet, we now aim to make up for this loss. To this end, we must accordingly increase our efforts. We now placed “2€ on black”. Even after this spin, we remained untouched by luck for the time being, as the ball once again stopped on “Red”. Thus, we lost another 2 euros. With the one euro from the first lost spin, our loss was now already at 3 euros. We had to balance this in the next spin. So, we placed “4€ on black,” the ball was thrown in and landed on our favorite color, “black.” All losses were offset with this bet. It seemed we had a lucky touch that evening, because after a total period of 8 – 10 hours, we had amassed our capital to just under 1500€. We started with €250 as seed capital and were able to record a profit of €1250 within a few hours using this roulette strategy. This short example shows that the system can function flawlessly. The emphasis is on “can,” because there is no such thing as a 100-percent foolproof roulette strategy.

The Cornerstones of the Martingale Strategy

1. Play with a basic stake that corresponds to a maximum of 1% of your total capital. If, for example, you have over 500€, then play with a maximum of 5€ per spin. We recommend €250 as starting capital.

2. Double your bets when you lose a wager and, for example, keep betting on the color until it comes up.

3. If you have won with one color, play the other color on the next spin.

4. Play only European Roulette / French Roulette, as there is only one 0 present, your chances of winning are significantly higher.

Scheme concerning the deployments

SpinDeploymentProfit/LossTotal profit/loss
7€80+80€ translates to “+80 euros” in English.+30€


The system is very fast and easy to learn. You can apply it at any online casino and rake in big profits in a very short period of time.


The roulette system, however, entails a whole range of disadvantages. If you’re going through a losing streak and, for example, in an online casino “Red” comes up 6 times in a row but you’ve placed your bets on “Black,” it can become very costly to recover from the potential losses incurred. Additionally, you should take into account the table limits at the respective casinos. Typically, there is a limit of 500€ at the roulette tables. However, if you need to play a stake larger than 500€ to cover your losses, this is unfortunately not possible due to the existing limit.


Using the Martingale Roulette strategy, we were able to significantly increase our chances of winning, as we personally discovered during our casino test. Nevertheless, we emphasize once again: There is no 100-percent safe roulette strategy. If you decide to play the Martingale system, you should consider a casino with high table limits.

D’Alembert Progression

The D’Alembert Progression is attributed to a French mathematician and philosopher named Jean Baptiste le Rond d’Alembert. This roulette strategy, like the Martingale, can be applied to the simple chances (black/red, even/odd, 1-18/19-36) in roulette.

How it works

In theory, this roulette strategy states that after a phase dominated by black, a phase dominated by red must inevitably follow. The basic idea of this roulette strategy is based on the notion that a player who has won once will not win again. Based on this assumption, a chip is set aside with every win. Furthermore, the strategy assumes that the player does not lose twice in a row. So, when a player loses, they add another chip to their initial bet. If we look at this over a long period of time, we find that every losing bet is matched by a winning bet.

SpinEinsatzwon/lostGewinn/Verlust gesamt
11 unitlost-1
22 unitswon1
31 Einheitverloren0
42 Einheitenverloren-2
53 unitsverloren-5
64 unitsgewonnen-1
73 Einheitengewonnen2
82 Einheitengewonnen4
91 Einheitgewonnen5

In our example above, there is an equal distribution of won and lost games, and yet it is still possible for us to make a profit.

The d’Alembert system is based on the law of equilibrium. This law states that, for example, the frequency distribution of red and black balances out over a larger number of games played. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to adjust one’s stakes according to the respective wins or… to adjust losses.


The d’Alembert Roulette Strategy is a toned-down version of the Martingale. The disadvantage is clear: if you experience a long period of losses, you also have to continuously increase your stakes. On the other hand, it is advantageous that you only increase these by one unit each and do not double them. This minimizes your risk and could enable you to generate profits over a longer period of time. As with many other roulette systems, the d’Alembert system offers no way to reduce the risk of loss or the house edge of the casino.

Against d’Alembert another possibility

The risk of loss with the d’Alembert system is at a high level. For this reason, it makes sense to transform the loss progression of the roulette strategy into a winning progression. This leads to the term Contre d’Alembert. In this roulette strategy, bets are only increased after each win. By doing this, you significantly reduce your risk of loss, as you are only playing with your winnings.

The approach here is as follows: If there’s a win, the stake is increased, and if there’s a loss, we minimize the stake. For instance, if we start with a base bet of 10€, in the event of a win, the bet will be increased to 20€. If we lose, we’ll reduce the stake by one level. If we are at our base bet of 10€, we play this until we win.

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